Experts in composites and infrastructure

FiberCore USA is the U.S. division of FiberCore Europe. FiberCore Europe has been recognized internationally for its award-winning patented InfraCore® technology. FiberCore Europe is the specialist in load-bearing structures made of fiber-reinforced (composite) plastic. This innovative technology can be used for bridges, lock gates, balconies and industrial flooring. In just five years, FiberCore Europe has established this composite material as a viable alternative to concrete and steel. Building with composite is light, quick, maintenance-free and environmentally friendly.Awards

2010: FiberCore Europe added to FEM Tech 25, a listing of the most innovative and promising enterprises in Europe

2010: Nominated for the Dutch Enterprise Award and Building Holland Awards

2010: InfraCore® wins Innovation Award InfraTech Belgium

2011: InfraCore® Inside wins German AVK Innovation Award

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