InfraCore® technology

InfraCore® Golf Bridges are equipped with InfraCore® Inside. A patented technology that makes it possible to produce FRP panels, that can withstand heavy loads, in an industrial way. With this invention, in 2008 FiberCore Europe paved the way for fiber-reinforced polymer (composite) structures in construction & infrastructure. (FiberCore Europe is a InfraCore® licensed partner and manufactures InfraCore® Golf Bridges for the European, Asian and African market).

No delamination or cracking

InfraCore® technology prevents delamination and cracking, a known problem with FRP support structures. The solution was found in a continuous structural connection of glass fibers (or carbon fibers) between the top and bottom of the structure. The fiberglass mats run from the upper skin through body plates to the lower skin. And by placing the fibers in all directions, resin-dominated fracture surfaces are avoided. The construction contains no internal glues or bolted connections. The strength comes entirely from the fibers, which themselves are stronger than steel.

Tested for load, damage and fatigue

The InfraCore® technology has been tested for a combination of stress, impact damage and fatigue. This shows that no delamination can occur due to fatigue in damaged plates. Think of impact load, an accident or a fault in the construction. All constructions with InfraCore® Inside comply with CUR 96 and Eurocodes.