Create your own golf bridge

And view in your space!

InfraCore golf bridges

Do you need a new bridge for your golf course? Then opt for a sustainable and low-maintenance InfraCore® Golf Bridge. These are made from extremely strong composite (FRP) with non-slip forever. You will find our bridges on the main golf courses around the world such as The Dutch (NL), Bernardus (NL), Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill (USA) and Dubai Hills Golf Club (UAE).

Fast installation without foundation

InfraCore® Golf Bridges are constructed prefab by our selected InfraCore® partners all over the world. They will deliver your lightweight prefab bridge to your golf course. Our partner or your own team will easily install the bridge without damaging your beautiful golf course. No special equipment is needed. Thanks to the low weight the bridge needs hardly any foundation. So no pillars or other heavy concrete in your course is needed. Our bridges float, if necessary we sail the bridge to the right location in your course.

Maintenance-free anti-slip

You hardly have to worry about an InfraCore® Golf Bridge. This is because the material is maintenance free and anti-slip. Composite is highly resistant to moisture and fungi, UV and extreme temperatures and will last for over 100 years. Your guests will feel safe on our bridges. Now and in the future.

Sustainable and circular

InfraCore® is a high tech material for heavy duty structures like bridges and lock gates. Today this fantastic technology is available for golf course bridges. This ensures an extremely long lifespan of more than 100 years. Thanks to the smart prefab construction and the light weight, our bridges can easily be relocated, even after many years.

Golf bridge to your own design, colors and logo

Do you have specific needs about the shape and color of the bridge? Feel free to challenge us. InfraCore® allows a lot of design freedom. We deliver the InfraCore® Golf Bridge according to customer specifications. In every length and width, colour and hand rail. Also with your own or your sponsor logo’s and even in special colours or patterns. If required, we deliver your bridge with standardized maintenance free vehicle barriers.


Non-slip forever

InfraCore® Golf Bridges are maintenance free with non-slip forever. They are resistant to moisture, rot and mold and insensitive to temperature changes.

Sustainable & circular

We only have one earth. And we have to treat it with care. With our constructions we therefore contribute to making the infrastructure market more sustainable.


Our bridge structures are extremely strong. FRP is stronger than steel. The unique InfraCore® technology prevents delamination and cracking.

Tailored to your golfcourse

We deliver the InfraCore® Golf Bridge according to customer specifications. In every length and width, with every desired handrail.


InfraCore® Golf Bridges have a low own-weight. As a result, the bridges need no – ore hardly any – foundation and can be installed in minutes. With no harm done to your golfcourse.

Long lifespan

InfraCore® Golf Bridges are designed for a very long service life of more than 100 years. By using the InfraCore® technology, our products retain their strength and sturdiness.