The Netherlands | Amsterdam | Golfcentrum de Hoge Dijk

  • Lengte: 7m
  • Breedte: 3m
  • Klasse: 5kN/m2 + service vehicle
  • Bouwjaar: 2022
  • Opdrachtgever: Golfcentrum de Hoge Dijk, Amsterdam

Manufactured by FiberCore Europe

Golfcentrum de Hoge Dijk is a 27-hole golf course in the vicinity of Amsterdam. The track was opened in 1990. For a bridge replacement, De Hoge Dijk chose for an InfraCore golf bridge because of its combination of light weight (1.800 kg) and strength. Due to the light weight, the bridge only needed a very light and cost-efficient foundation and was placed within two hours.  Nevertheless, the bridge can easily carry vehicles up to 20 ton which is sometimes necessary for the renovation of this golf course.

Since the bridge has a lifespan of more than 100 years the lifecycle cost is very low. If the golf course should choose to reshape its grounds within this time, the bridge can easily be moved and used in a different location. A nice example of circular economy.